Why LinkedIn Is Crucial to Obtain More Clients

LinkedIN marketing

As a small business owner, marketing is never-ending. I am always networking, optimizing my SEO, and posting on social media. However, if you are not using LinkedIn, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity.

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn allows you to connect with other professionals while directly promoting your business services. I strongly suggest that all business owners use LinkedIn to grow their business. Not convinced? Learn why to optimize your LinkedIn presence today!

LinkedIn is the Professional Showcase of You Online

At it’s core, LinkedIn is an online resume. Be meticulous with your Linkedin profile. LinkedIn profiles are often the first impression for potential clients. You can also use LinkedIn to connect with professionals that you meet at networking events.

What You Can List on LinkedIn

  • Current and Previous Job Experience
  • Profile Photo
  • Education
  • Credentials
  • Endorsements
  • Reviews

Connect with Potential Clients

I live in Bend, Oregon where new businesses are opening every month. It is important for me to reach out to the new business owners when they eventually need a website or online marketing. You can find a list of new businesses on your city’s website.

This tactic can work for almost any business. For example, if you offer cleaning services, search for your ideal clientele and explain your office cleaning services through a private message.

Build Credibility by Publishing Content

Sharing content on LinkedIn helps you remain relevant to connections. You can link posts to your profile or write articles for LinkedIn Publisher. Using LinkedIn Publisher is essential when your goal is to gain connections. The article will be published on LinkedIn’s blogs and has the potential to reach thousands of professionals.

I recommend writing an article for LinkedIn Publisher once per month. Connections from well-written posts can increase your industry credibility.

I recommend that anyone looking for a new job or client optimizes their LinkedIn profile. Not sure where to start? Check for any errors that could be killing your LinkedIn credibility, such as:

  • Spelling Errors
  • Incomplete Sections
  • Few Connections
  • Unread Messages
  • Unprofessional Profile Photo

LinkedIn is a well-used social platform that can build your professional credibility. If you are searching for new clients, optimizing your LinkedIn profile could help improve your career.

Why You Must Add a Blog to Your Website


Marketing has many different avenues. There is social media marketing, SEO, print, radio, billboards – the list goes on. Nevertheless, blogging is one of the best things that you can do to build a new client base.

As an online marketer, I know that an optimized blog can improve your professional reputation, help you gain leads and sales, and increase your rankings on Google. Let me explain how this works:

Improves Your SEO

Every business owner I know wants to rank on the first page of search engines. If you have higher rankings than you can gain more traffic to your website, therefore exposure to potential clients. A variety of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods can increase your likelihood of ranking on the first page of Google. Blog articles are one of the most important methods to include into your SEO strategy.

Why Blogs Are Valuable for SEO

Blogs create opportunity for your website. You can strategically place keywords, back links, and images that creates domain authority. Blogs create more content for Google and other search engines to index. You can also link your blogs to social media.

Makes You Appear as an Expert in Your Industry

Most businesses have fierce competition. When you have competition, you have to find a way to make yourself stand out.

You could create amazing ads and beautiful social media posts but it’s essential that you depict yourself as an expert. There are two great ways to portray your expertise online:

  1. Portfolio
  2. Blog Articles

In your blog provide tips and “how-to” articles. For example, if you are an interior decorator, provide “Best Interior Paint Color Combinations,” or “Laminate Versus Hardwood”. You are not only a service provider but a resource of knowledge.

Gives Your Brand a Voice

Your clients want to work with a business that they can trust. Writing blog posts personalizes your company. You can optimize these effects by introducing the author at the beginning of the article.

Do not be afraid to say, “As the business owner of blank…” That way, your audience will know that the article is being written by an expert.

You might notice that, I use this technique throughout my blog articles. I do not want my readers to feel like they are reading another generic blog article. Readers are obtaining information from the perspective of an online marketer and small business owner.

Creates Opportunities for Backlinks

How many times have you found a random article online and posted it on social media? Probably more than you can count!

Your blogs provide opportunities for others to share as a resource on social media or link on their own website. Inevitably, sharing content can get you more traffic on your website which is great for SEO! Create beautiful blog articles for plenty of opportunities to flourish on the web.

If you do not have a blog on your website, it is time to start! I recommend posting a new article once a week. Contact the professionals at Get Global Marketing in Bend, Oregon to get you started.

How-To Use LinkedIn as a Powerful Marketing Tool

Video Transcription

As a social marketer, I often speak with people who do not understand the power of LinkedIn. Over 240 million people are LinkedIn users. In my opinion, Linkedin is the most powerful method to connect with other professionals. You can post jobs, find jobs, and display your products and services. It is a great place to connect and grow your business.

A great LinkedIn profile can be a powerful marketing tool. To succeed at using LinkedIn for marketing, you need to pursue steps to improve your personal and business profiles. The following steps can help you build the leads you need to meet your business goals. Please review the video for a visual transcription of this blog.

Top 5 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Marketing

Keep you profile information current and complete

Your LinkedIn profile could be your first impression to a new business connection. This means that your profile should be current and complete for a great representation of who you are.

Make sure that each section if filled out. Your photo should be professional and high quality. When you create your LinkedIn profile, review the following important points:

  • Photo
  • Biography
  • Interests
  • Job History

Build company page

Social media provides the unique opportunity to share your company with millions of people on one platform. LinkedIn reaches other professionals who are potentially referrals or partners.

Your LinkedIn company page offers a description section to display your products and services. You can also say the size of your company. An added benefit is your employee’s can link to your company page on their personal profiles.

Grow Connections

The more connections you have, the more opportunities you gain to engage with valuable leads. There are many ways to grow your connections. Start by providing valuable links for your industry. As a thought leader, you can gain more connections with people who want more expert knowledge.

  • Send invite over email
  • Request introduction from connection
  • Use Inmail
  • Provide consistent information on company page

Use Status Updates and Links to Post Relevant Information

The internet is a resource of videos and articles that can give you quality information that you need. The convenience allows me to search Google whenever I have a technical question. LinkedIn allows you to provide a wealth of important information in your industry through status updates. Your status updates can contain valuable blog posts or videos.

I link Get Global Marketing’s blog to my company and personal profile. By using hashtags, I can draw users that are not connections to my posts. The increase of traffic to my website can increase my website’s domain authority.

LinkedIn Ads

Connect with other influential professionals with LinkedIn ads. Your LinkedIn ad is a B2B campaign. There are three precise methods of targeting your LinkedIn Ad:

  • By job title and function
  • By industry and company size
  • By seniority

A LinkedIn ad campaign can be started in minutes. You will pay by clicks or impressions. LinkedIn has no long term contracts and the ads can be stopped at any time. A LinkedIn ad is a great way to showcase your company and build new relationships.

Each social network targets a different audience. LinkedIn can be a very valuable method to improving your B2B marketing. Networking with other reputable businesses can earn referrals or build partnerships. I can help all of my marketing clients build their LinkedIn presence.

Facebook Marketing Whiteboard Videos

Facebook Business Pages

Facebook created business pages as a convenient method to personalizing our companies. You are now able to post, promote, and get reviews all under your business’ name. A vital tool on your page is the call-to-action button. Make sure that you have a call-to-action button activated on your page!


Watch our whiteboard video for a brief visualization on the importance of a call-to-action button. Enjoy!