Improving Website Design with the Imagify Plugin

imagify plugin for seo

You already know how important it is to have good images on your website. But the images you use must pass several optimization requirements and not just be pretty. Imagify exists to help you do just that.

Imagify is one of the popular website design trends in 2022. Imagify can make your images more responsive for faster loading time, boost them for better rankings, and give them a touch of quality with its various tools.

What Is Imagify for Website Design and SEO?

Imagify is a WordPress plugin that helps you to speed up your website by optimizing images. It uses modern hardware and software to provide fast image processing, and it can also compress your images on the fly and reduce their file size. Now I’ll show you how Imagify can benefit your website design.

How Imagify Benefits Your Website Design

If you’re doubtful of Imagify’s capabilities, then here are some ways in which Imagify can help improve your website design that will change your mind.

Optimize Images To Improve Site Speed and Web Vitals

The Imagify plugin allows you to optimize your images so that they load faster and have less impact on the core web vitals of your site.

How does it do this? By eliminating unnecessary data from the file (such as comments or metadata), optimizing file size through a lossless compression algorithm, and converting them to a smaller file format (such as JPG or PNG).

Imagify gives you complete control over how each image is optimized so that you only change what you need to change without affecting anything else on the page.

It can be beneficial if you want to convert all of your images but still want some of them to be in their original format (maybe because they’re larger than their smaller counterparts).

The plugin also supports batch optimization, so optimizing multiple images isn’t a hassle.

Compress & Resize Image While Retaining Its Quality

Resizing an image is crucial for website speed optimization as it helps reduce page load time. The Imagify plugin automatically resizes an image to the specified dimensions without losing quality.

The Imagify plugin compresses your images without losing any quality or detail. That way, visitors will not notice the difference between compressed and uncompressed images when they visit your website.

However, if you want to adjust the file size or dimensions, you can manually enter them in the settings panel.

WebP Images


Imagify lets you convert images on your website into WebP format. You may have wondered: “Why would I need to convert my images into a new format?” Well, the answer is simple. Google has stated that it will begin penalizing websites that aren’t optimized for mobile devices.

WebP is an image format that allows faster loading times and smaller file sizes than other formats like PNG and JPEG. By using WebP instead of PNG or JPEG when possible, you can improve your site’s loading speed and layout and make it more mobile-friendly.

Use Imagify For Free

You can use the Imagify plugin for free and get access to its significant features. For example, with free Imagify, you can optimize up to 20Mb(i.e., 200 images) of images per month for free. And with their WebP conversion tool, you can convert even more images for free.

If you want access to all of Imagify’s features and to optimize an unlimited number of images, you can check out Imagify’s pricing options and select a plan that best suits your needs.

Final Notes

Whether you are a web designer who wants to create a website for yourself or an entrepreneur looking for a landing page that will attract customers, the Imagify widget can be your best friend. Contact Get Global Marketing in Bend, Oregon for more information on website design and SEO.

Best H1 and H2 Tag Techniques for SEO

best h1 and h2 tags for seo

When writing content to utilize SEO, H1 and H2 headings are two of the most critical aspects of your piece. Not only will they assist with SEO, but they will guide your audience through the work and draw attention to the main topic at hand. They also let the search engine know what your article is about.

Read on to learn more about some of the best H1 and H2 tag techniques you can use for SEO in your article. They are critical for showcasing your piece and keeping your reader from getting lost. SEO rewards those who take the time to make the most out of their H1 and H2 tags, so it is vital to understand some techniques you can use.


What are the Best H1 and H2 Tag Techniques for SEO?


Put Your H1 and H2 Tags in the Right Places

When using H1 and H2 tags, it is critical to remember that they each have a specific place that needs to go inside an article. Putting them out of order can simultaneously confuse your reader and harm the SEO of your piece. Nobody wants to read a work that is structured confusingly, so you need to do it correctly.

When placing headlines, they should go in the following order:

  • H1
  • H2
  • H3
  • H4
  • H5
  • H6

This order marks descending importance, with the H1 carrying the most importance and H6 the least within a piece.

An H1 tag will rarely go in front of an H2. For maximum SEO, ensure you put these in the correct order. The H1 will go at the top of the page, usually as the title that readers first see. Then, H2s will follow. These are the top-tier subheadings that divide up the sections of your piece, controlling the other subtopics that sit within what you are about to create.


Utilize One H1 Per Page

Although you can technically utilize two H1 tags without too much impact on SEO, it is best to stick with one. This critical piece will capture the center of the article, letting your reader know what they will be reading about in the rest of the article. If you have two, it may become confusing.

Some great H1s for varying articles might include:

  • How to Remodel a Bedroom
  • What to Do if You Can’t Remember Your Password
  • Why Birds Fly South in the Winter

These are some excellent H1 examples, straight to the point. The reader knows what they are getting into the moment they start reading.

It is critical to utilize one H1 and make it a good one. Everyone who sees it will use it to gauge whether or not they want to look at your piece.


Space Out Your H2s

Another thing you can do is space out your H2s. They should not be one after the other. Each H2 should have enough information to provide the reader with a solid answer in each section. You can break up the H2s with H3s, H4s, and the other two headers if you have enough information to do so.

You can also spread out your H2s by adding items like bulleted lists, tables, and other forms of comparison. Anything that will make your article scannable will assist with the SEO of your piece. Do not use an H2 as a subheading for an H2. Keep going down the list of numbers within that topic until you move onto another subsection of the H1.


Make Your H1s and H2s Descriptive

Make your H1s and H2s descriptive to draw the audience in and inform the search engine what your article is about. Try to include one or two keywords within a heading and ensure each one describes exactly the information discussed within the words below. Readers like to know what they’re getting into right away.

Having descriptive headlines will also permit those on your site to navigate the information to find relevant content. Don’t be too wordy. Keep it short and snappy while including critical words that get the point across right away. What you put into the H1s and H2s is just as vital as the information that follows.


Ensure Each Tag is Relevant

In an article, ensuring your H2 tags are as relevant to the article as they can be will guide your visitor to a specific section of the piece they may want to read more about as they go. It will draw them in and permit search engines to utilize these words to determine what your article is talking about for the audience. If it’s relevant to the H1, it’s more likely to do well with SEO.

For instance, with an article entitled “What Do I Feed My Dog?” you might see H2 tags such as these:

  • What Foods Should I Feed My Dog?
  • What Should a Dog Eat in a Day?
  • What Should I Avoid Feeding My Dog?

All of these are relevant to the H1 written above.

A great way to keep your H2 tags is to search your H1 and look for related questions. These can help you understand other items users want to know, assisting the SEO of your article further. The other items you answer in your piece shouldn’t stray too far from the initial topic, or users may find themselves confused by the content you’re offering them.


In Closing

H1s and H2s and critical pieces for anyone who wants to make the most of their words. They play an even larger role in SEO, moving them up in the ranks on a search engine and putting them in front of more eyes per search. Ensuring you’ve done everything you can with your H1 and H2 headlines is critical before posting anything.

With our techniques, we hope you’ll have no trouble making your H1 and H2 tags as perfect as possible before the page goes live. Making your SEO as precise as possible is sure to place your article of as many people as possible. It might seem like a small thing, but it’s critical to keep in mind while you write.

Is Alt Text Important for SEO?

alt text for seo

Increasing your rankings on search engines require a variety of technical strategies to ensure your site is indexed correctly. One of these key search engine optimization (SEO) strategies is adding alt text to every image. As an SEO expert, I make sure alt text is on every image of websites that I optimize. If you are attempting your own SEO, it is essential to understand alt text for best practices.


What is Alt Text?

Alt text, also known as “alt attributes” or “alt descriptions” are used within an HTML code to verify the appearance and function of an image.


Why Does Alt Text Help My SEO?

Search engines cannot interpret images. However, images are essential to user experience and conversion rate. So how does Google know which images are most beneficial for users? Alt text solves this problem by applying keyword tags. Search bots can then crawl for the image’s function and appearance. Properly adding alt text tells Google that an image is on the webpage that can improve use experience. Doing so can increase your rankings for the given keyword.


How Do I Apply Alt Text?

Alt text application depends on your content management system (CMS). Alt text can be applied in WordPress through the media file. Choose an image. Add alt text to “alternative text” section in the media file. This alt text will be added anywhere you insert the image. You can add alt text on Shopify with the Smart SEO plugin. The plugin has a free version to add alt text and meta data.


What Does Good Alt Text for SEO Look Like?


breakfast sandwich with lemon, eggs and avocado


Okay alt text: <img src=”sandwich.jpg” alt=”sandwich”>
Better alt text: <img src=”sandwich.jpg” alt=”breakfast sandwich”>
Best alt text: <img src=”sandwich.jpg” alt=”breakfast sandwich with lemon, eggs and avocado”>


blue and orange bird on wooden stand


Okay alt text: <img src=”bird.jpg” alt=”bird”>
Better alt text: <img src=”bird.jpg” alt=”colorful bird”>
Best alt text: <img src=”bird.jpg” alt=”blue and orange bird on wooden stand”>


Adding alt text is a best practice for increasing search rankings. Get Global Marketing is an experienced website design and SEO agency in Bend and Portland, Oregon. We use front-end design practices to market your website more effectively.  Contact Get Global Marketing today!

SEO Trends for 2021


2020 changed the way we do business. Employees are working remotely without plans of returning to the office. Employers are relying on their online presence, rather than building local connections. The demand for a digital presence has increased exponentially.

When it comes to digital marketing, I always consider website design and search engine optimization (SEO) as one. You can hire a website designer to build an amazing website. However, the website will do little for your business unless customers can find the site online.

If you choose to invest in SEO, you need to make sure you receive the techniques to increase your rankings. In 2021, these are the most important factors for your SEO campaign:

What SEO trends do I need to know for 2021?


Content Writing

Content writing is essential to your SEO strategy. Your content could be blog articles or pages. The benefit for your site is to include fresh information so search engines know you are still relevant to your industry. If you don’t add new content regularly, Google considers the site as outdated and increases the rankings of sites that are active.

Most importantly, write the content with keywords that you want to rank for! For example, my blogs have keywords that relate to SEO, website design, and digital marketing. Not only is this my area of expertise but these are the keywords that I want to rank for on Google. Keywords should be included in your content, post title, and meta data.

On average, Google bots crawl websites every two days. I recommend adding a blog at least twice per month. An SEO expert can help generate content with topics that will increase your rankings and benefit your audience.

Additionally, adding content benefits your brand. According to Small Business Trends, 80% of people prefer learning about a company through custom content. Besides the benefits of a blog for SEO, your blog has the following benefits:

  • Creates brand awareness
  • Educates your audience
  • Builds credibility and trust
  • Generates demand and leads

Link Building

Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites. The benefits of link building is establishing authority. Search engines crawl individual pages of websites. When search engines discover links, they index the linked website as a good resource. Building links is one of the most difficult tasks for an SEO expert. If possible, it is more beneficial to obtain a link using anchor text with a keyword that you want to rank for.

There are many types of methods to earn links:

Directory Links

Directory links are the most common form of link building. This is where you earn a link from directories such as Yelp, White Pages, or Angie’s List. However, many of the sites will not provide you a follow link unless you pay for their services.

Guest Posting

Guesting posting is where you write an article for another website, which then links back to your site. This is a competitive and time-consuming form of link building, although highly effective when you earn a link. You can hire a guest posting provider to expedite the process. Among the most popular are:

Black Hat Link Building

Stay far, far away from black hat link building! The term “black hat link building” was originally coined from computer hackers’ black hat practices. This form of link building uses loopholes to trick search engines into thinking the link is a resource so the site ranks higher than it should. If search engines discover black hat practices, your website rankings will drop.

A few black hat practices include:

  • Injecting hidden links into a website
  • Hidden text on a page not shown to users, only to search engines, with links
  • Cloaking – showing different content to search engines than to users

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the foundation of a website’s SEO campaign. Without it, none of the other strategies will succeed. When I perform an SEO audit, technical deficiencies are often the first thing I look for.
So, what does technical SEO entail? Technical SEO encompasses the following techniques:

  • Website speed
  • Meta titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • ALT tags
  • Schema
  • H1 and H2 tags
  • Keywords in content
  • And more!

Two of the most important aspects of technical SEO are your meta titles and descriptions. A meta title refers to the page title in search engine snippets. It is retrieved by search engines as the primary keywords for your site. When you are performing a search, the meta title shows on the result pages as the overview of the page or post to determine whether or not you want to click on the reference.

For example, my homepage meta title is “Get Global Marketing: Bend, Oregon SEO and Website Design”. When you search on Google, this meta title is what will appear. If you are a local business, it is essential that you include your location into your meta title. Your SEO expert should have a strategy for optimizing the meta titles to increase your rankings.

Review Building

Have you ever visited a restaurant just because your friend said it was great? Referrals are one of the best techniques to build new business. You can also build customer trust through online reviews. When someone raves about the food being great or receiving superior service, you are more likely to earn new customers.

There are several online databases to collect reviews. Most businesses receive the highest conversions through their Google Business page. Your Google Business page is an essential resource for your customers. You are able to include hours, contact information, location, a description, website, logo, reviews, services, and even post company updates. Often, your Google Business page shows first with a Google search. The benefits of building reviews on Google are that you build more customer trust and also increase the rankings of your website.

Other important platforms for reviews are Facebook and Yelp.

Improving your online presence is an essential tool to increase your revenue. You may have a beautiful website, but the site needs exposure to achieve the business goals that you are determined to meet. Contact Get Global Marketing if you are interested in high-quality SEO services. We have a variety of packages to fit your needs. You can reach us at (541) 706-9442 or

Adjustment of SEO Packages

SEO packages

Every business evolves overtime. If you own a business, you probably experienced that year one of your start-up has taken a different path ten years later. Did you know Amazon started as a platform to sell used books?

I have experienced a range of adjustments as I learn more about what my clients need. Providing superior service that earns my clients results has always been my top priority.

Recently, my experience with search engine optimization (SEO) has changed. For one, SEO has gotten more competitive. It is great that business owners are now realizing that they need to amplify their online presence. If you do not have a website with powerful conversion techniques and high rankings, you can lose thousands of dollars per month.

Secondly, more complex techniques are necessary to increase your rankings. You can no longer increase your Google ranking by inserting keywords into your meta data. You now need to post regular content, build links, and earn reviews, in addition to the technical edits of a website. This means SEO has gotten more expensive to support the staff and software necessary to meet Google’s demands.

When I started Get Global Marketing, my goal was to keep my prices low. However, since my top priority is to provide earn the highest quality results, I recently had to reevaluate my prices. Maintaining low prices prevents me from being able to access the tools that I need to increase my client’s rankings, especially if they want to convert nationwide.

I still have a starter package for local clients who can write their own content. Other than that, my SEO packages are now more strategic and sophisticated to earn clients more revenue. You can find my new pricing table below.

While I realize that many start-ups and small businesses won’t be able to afford my new SEO prices, more services are required to earn page one rankings which costs me at least $700 per month.

Like my dad told me when I was a teenager, “you have to spend money to make money!”

Keyword Research
Competitive Analysis
Technical SEO Edits
Content Strategy
Local Directory Links
Monthly Reporting
Optimization and Posting of Content that is Provided by Client
Google Indexing
Google Business Page Optimization
Keyword Research
Competitive Analysis
Technical SEO Edits
Content Strategy
Local Directory Links
Link Building to 30+ Domain Authority Sites
Monthly Reporting
2000 Words of Original Content
Google Indexing
Google Business Page Optimization
Keyword Research
Competitive Analysis
Technical SEO Edits
Content Strategy
Local Directory Links
Link Building to 40+ Domain Authority Sites
Monthly Reporting
4000 Words of Original Content
Google Indexing
Google Business Page Optimization
Review Strategy
Advanced Google Analytics Reporting
Nationwide Power
Keyword Research
Competitive Analysis
Technical SEO Edits
Content Strategy
Local Directory Links
2 Links to 50+ Domain Authority Sites
Monthly Reporting
6000 Words of Original Content
Google Indexing
Google Business Page Optimization
Review Strategy
Advanced Google Analytics Reporting

Marketing During COVID-19

marketing during covid-19

COVID-19 has been life changing for everyone. Business owners have especially suffered from the shut-down. It is essential that we change our marketing during COVID-19 to continue growing our businesses.

There are a variety of tools to succeed with your digital marketing during COVID-19. In this video, I reflect on the top three that you can pursue immediately.

Digital Marketing Strategies During COVID-19

  • Ecommerce Website design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization

Each of these tools can help sell your product and depict your message. During COVID-19, the most innovative businesses will get ahead.  Contact the pro’s at Get Global Marketing to reinvent your marketing. We offer website design, SEO, and Google Ads.

Renovate Your Marketing Strategy

Unless you own Amazon, Netflix, or a grocery store, your business has probably been impacted by the coronavirus. You may have even lost all your business. However, a pair of fresh eyes and innovation can help create a new marketing and business strategy to profit from your business or service.

To help support the Bend and Portland, Oregon local economy, I am offering a FREE consultation and FREE two hours of website design or digital marketing services. I hope to help business thrive and even develop a long-lasting digital marketing strategy when life returns back to normal.

Don’t give up. Get innovative.

Contact Get Global Marketing at (541) 706-9442 or

Finding Your WHY in Business

Get Global Marketing

Have you ever thought about what it might be like to own a small business? Maybe, you’ve got a skill that’s in demand. But, you’re not sure how to monetize it, let alone, how to turn it into a living. I did it. But I’ll be honest. I started Get Global Marketing four years ago. And, let me be the first to tell you, it hasn’t been easy. I’m thankful for where I’m at now, and the client relationships I’ve built along the way. I love the fact that I don’t have a boss and can work from anywhere with an internet connection. Yes, I have to pay for my own health insurance. Indeed, my income is based on the results I deliver. But you know what? I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

I probably sound crazy. And, I probably am…

However, it wouldn’t be possible if I hadn’t found my WHY.

What is a WHY?

Any hard decision requires having a clear sense of purpose. When you open a business, you must tap into your energy, courage, and determination to discover why self-employment is the right decision for your life. When business gets rough, revisiting your WHY will help you push through hard times.

Before you open your business, ask yourself WHY opening a business is right for you.

Do you want opportunity for uncapped income?
Do you want to work and travel?
Do you want to be able to work from home, so your kids don’t have to go to day care?
Can you not stand working for anyone else?
Are your career opportunities limited in your town and working on your computer would provide a broader network of clientele?

Find your WHY and don’t forget it. I’ve had many WHY’s in my life. I was born into generations of entrepreneurs. It’s in my blood. When I was 12, I had a business plan to start my own magazine targeting girls my age. From there it was on to healthy food carts and bakeries. Suffice it to say, my mind is constantly buzzing with new ideas. And, I can’t get enough.

When I founded Get Global Marketing, I answered a significant WHY. The most important one to date.

When I opened my business, I had three WHY’s.

1. I wanted to be able to work and travel.
I have always loved to travel. There is so much culture, diversity, and landscape to experience in this world. Working on your computer allows the opportunity to live wherever you want. With my business model, I am not allowed complete flexibility to be gone for months. I prefer to meet with clients, rather than do all of my work over phone. However, I can be gone for weeks.

2. I wanted uncapped income.
I live in Bend, Oregon where the average home price was $450,000 last year. When SEO professionals are paid an average salary of $50,000 per year at major agencies, we are unable to afford cost of living (add in food, clothing, entertainment, childcare). Opening a business provides me with the opportunity to offer more services and reach more clientele where I can increase my income.

3. I wanted to create a unique business.
There are few people that do what I do but, I made it a point to differentiate myself through the quality of my product and my personalized service. I strive to build personal relationships with my customers so they never feel like they are just getting a bill. I want to get to know them and I want to them to get to know me. I am not afraid to be Facebook friends with my clientele!

And, you what the best part of my job is? I get to encourage other people, my clients even, to create their own reality. To put their skills to use in a capacity that allows them to be their own boss. To work on their terms. To have the freedom and independence they’ve always dreamed of.

It’s a constant work in progress but, I feel like I can continue to make this dream a reality.

So, what about you? What’s your why?

If you are struggling to find your WHY and debating whether self-employment is for you, I suggest asking yourself these 4 questions:

  1. What makes you come alive?
  2. What are your innate strengths?
  3. Where do you add the greatest value?
  4. How will you measure your life?

Do I make a ton of money? No. Can I take days off whenever I feel like it? Not really. Am I proud of how far I’ve come? You bet. Do I have goals to grow business more? Better believe it, and you should too. Is the process easy? Hell, no. But, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished and excited about where I’m headed. I have total faith that almost anyone that’s willing to bite the bullet, put in the time, weather the storms and believe in themselves, can make a difference in their own life, and the lives of others as well.

5 Tips to Optimizing Your SEO When Changing Business Locations

business location

Whether you need a change of scenery or your industry is oversaturated, thousands of businesses face the struggle of adjusting their online presence for a new location.

When you move locations, it’s essential that you don’t lose website rankings. Keep in mind, you probably won’t be on page one immediately. However, there are adjustments to your website that, if done correctly, can help smooth the transition to optimizing your online presence in a new location.

I recommend hiring a search engine optimization professional to help with the process. However, if it’s not in your budget, the following are basic methods to transition to your new area.

How do I optimize my SEO when I change business locations?

1. Change Location Information on Your Website

Changing your location information should be done differently depending on your type of business. For brick and mortar or service-oriented businesses, create a new contact page before you leave your current location. Include a “Coming Soon” message on the contact page so customers know they can’t visit your location yet.

For remote businesses, create a separate contact page as well. However, you do not need a “Coming Soon” message. Instead, alert customers that you are only available via phone and email until your moving date.

In every type of business, you should have a separate contact page with your new location to improve SEO. Doing so ensures that you won’t lose rankings for your current town. You’ll also be marketing for your new location.

2. Change Contact Information on Your Google Business Page

Every company needs a Google Business page. Not only can a Google Business page increase your rankings, it also provides the opportunity to display important information like business hours, services, products, about us, reviews, and posts.

If your business is service oriented, you can set your location as “Service Areas”, rather than an address. Just like the additional contact page, add the service area location before you move.

For brick and mortar businesses, you’ll have to wait to change your Google Business page until you move.

3. Change Your Directory Listings

Changing your directory listings can be tedious. Directory listings include Angie’s List, Yelp, Yellow Pages, White Pages, and many others. What makes the process tedious? You need a sentence or two about this is a pain in the butt.

Instead of reviewing every location individually, I recommend paying for Moz Local Business services. They will audit and adjust your directory information according to your Google Business or Facebook page.

4. Change Your Website’s Meta Titles

As a business owner, you probably had an SEO professional customize meta titles to fit your location. Don’t forget to adjust your meta titles when you move!

For example, I recently made the decision to serve Portland. My homepage meta title was previously “Bend, Oregon SEO and Website Design | Get Global Marketing”. Now, my meta title is “Portland and Bend SEO and Website Design | Get Global Marketing”. Make this change before your move. It will take time for Google to index your site for the new title.

5. Change Your Website’s Structured Data

Structured data “is a standardized format for providing information about a page and classifying the page content,” Google Developers. The tool helps Google understand what the content on your page means. When you change locations, you need to change your structured data.

WP SEO Structured Data Schema plugin for WordPress, allows digital marketers to easily insert structured data into the site. I purchased the Pro version to help clients with multiple locations and services. The tool has proven beneficial for me to help improve client’s rankings.

Moving business locations can be exciting! Marketing the change can seem daunting. To make sure the job is done correctly, it’s best to hire a SEO professional. If you need help with SEO in Portland or Central Oregon, contact the team at Get Global Marketing at (541) 706-9442.

Get Global Marketing. Get Page One.