Guide to a Strong Guest Post Strategy


The most powerful sales technique is relationships. When you have a great relationship with a customer, they are more likely to purchase from you just because they like you. A loyal customer is also a source for referrals and brand recognition.

Link building is Google’s method of relationship building. The more links you can build to your website, the more credible you become. Google trusts you more than the other guy with no backlinks.

Just like building trust is difficult, building links is a struggle as well. Many SEO people avoid link building and just post on social media to avoid the difficulty. However, a more aggressive approach can increase your online exposure faster.

My favorite way to earn backlinks is through guest posting. All bloggers need content and are usually happy to provide a backlink for a well-written blog. My goal for clients is one guest post per month from a website that is 40+ domain authority.

Not sure where to start? I created this guest blogging guide to simplify the process.

Guest Posting Strategy

Step 1:

Site Discovery

The first step is to understand what bloggers would be interested in your post. For example, one of my clients is a plumber. I focus on finding home improvement bloggers for their guest posts. Once you know this, there are many SEO tools to find bloggers in that field.

The tool that I use most is Guest Post Tracker. Bloggers submit their website to the directory. Subscribers research the topic that they are interested in and will receive a list of bloggers in that field, including guest posting fee, domain authority, and contact information.

You can also go old school and research the blogger’s industry online. Manual research is more time consuming but free!

Step 2:


After you find bloggers that you want to contact, you will need to reach out to them by email. This is usually your first impression. The following pitch template is from Backlinko.

Hi [Name],
I’m a long time reader. You may have noticed my comment on your post on [Article] (awesome article by the way).
I’m writing to you because I’d love to contribute a guest post on [Website].
I’ve been brainstorming some topics that I think your readers would get a ton of value from:
[Idea #1]
[Idea #2]
[Idea #3]
I’ll make sure the piece overflows with information that can’t be found anywhere else.
To give you an idea of the quality I’ll bring to your site, here’s a link to a guest post that I recently published on [Other Website].
[Your First Name]

Step 3:

Write Your Guest Post

Great! You have a place to guest post. Now, it is time to write your blog. If you do not want to write your own blog, there are many freelancer websites, such as Upwork. I contract out all of my writing to a freelance writer. Most writers average $50 per 1,000 word blog.

Your client may tell you that they will write the blogs to save a few bucks. I always encourage a professional writer since clients never have as much time as they think. If you are looking for a writer, contact me to speak with my professional content writer.

Building a guest post strategy does not have to be daunting. With proper research, communication, and writing resources, you can develop a list of guest blogs for your clients. If your website only has a few links, speak with us to get started on your link building campaign. A strong link building strategy is necessary for your SEO.

Why LinkedIn Is Crucial to Obtain More Clients

LinkedIN marketing

As a small business owner, marketing is never-ending. I am always networking, optimizing my SEO, and posting on social media. However, if you are not using LinkedIn, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity.

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn allows you to connect with other professionals while directly promoting your business services. I strongly suggest that all business owners use LinkedIn to grow their business. Not convinced? Learn why to optimize your LinkedIn presence today!

LinkedIn is the Professional Showcase of You Online

At it’s core, LinkedIn is an online resume. Be meticulous with your Linkedin profile. LinkedIn profiles are often the first impression for potential clients. You can also use LinkedIn to connect with professionals that you meet at networking events.

What You Can List on LinkedIn

  • Current and Previous Job Experience
  • Profile Photo
  • Education
  • Credentials
  • Endorsements
  • Reviews

Connect with Potential Clients

I live in Bend, Oregon where new businesses are opening every month. It is important for me to reach out to the new business owners when they eventually need a website or online marketing. You can find a list of new businesses on your city’s website.

This tactic can work for almost any business. For example, if you offer cleaning services, search for your ideal clientele and explain your office cleaning services through a private message.

Build Credibility by Publishing Content

Sharing content on LinkedIn helps you remain relevant to connections. You can link posts to your profile or write articles for LinkedIn Publisher. Using LinkedIn Publisher is essential when your goal is to gain connections. The article will be published on LinkedIn’s blogs and has the potential to reach thousands of professionals.

I recommend writing an article for LinkedIn Publisher once per month. Connections from well-written posts can increase your industry credibility.

I recommend that anyone looking for a new job or client optimizes their LinkedIn profile. Not sure where to start? Check for any errors that could be killing your LinkedIn credibility, such as:

  • Spelling Errors
  • Incomplete Sections
  • Few Connections
  • Unread Messages
  • Unprofessional Profile Photo

LinkedIn is a well-used social platform that can build your professional credibility. If you are searching for new clients, optimizing your LinkedIn profile could help improve your career.

Why You Must Add a Blog to Your Website


Marketing has many different avenues. There is social media marketing, SEO, print, radio, billboards – the list goes on. Nevertheless, blogging is one of the best things that you can do to build a new client base.

As an online marketer, I know that an optimized blog can improve your professional reputation, help you gain leads and sales, and increase your rankings on Google. Let me explain how this works:

Improves Your SEO

Every business owner I know wants to rank on the first page of search engines. If you have higher rankings than you can gain more traffic to your website, therefore exposure to potential clients. A variety of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods can increase your likelihood of ranking on the first page of Google. Blog articles are one of the most important methods to include into your SEO strategy.

Why Blogs Are Valuable for SEO

Blogs create opportunity for your website. You can strategically place keywords, back links, and images that creates domain authority. Blogs create more content for Google and other search engines to index. You can also link your blogs to social media.

Makes You Appear as an Expert in Your Industry

Most businesses have fierce competition. When you have competition, you have to find a way to make yourself stand out.

You could create amazing ads and beautiful social media posts but it’s essential that you depict yourself as an expert. There are two great ways to portray your expertise online:

  1. Portfolio
  2. Blog Articles

In your blog provide tips and “how-to” articles. For example, if you are an interior decorator, provide “Best Interior Paint Color Combinations,” or “Laminate Versus Hardwood”. You are not only a service provider but a resource of knowledge.

Gives Your Brand a Voice

Your clients want to work with a business that they can trust. Writing blog posts personalizes your company. You can optimize these effects by introducing the author at the beginning of the article.

Do not be afraid to say, “As the business owner of blank…” That way, your audience will know that the article is being written by an expert.

You might notice that, I use this technique throughout my blog articles. I do not want my readers to feel like they are reading another generic blog article. Readers are obtaining information from the perspective of an online marketer and small business owner.

Creates Opportunities for Backlinks

How many times have you found a random article online and posted it on social media? Probably more than you can count!

Your blogs provide opportunities for others to share as a resource on social media or link on their own website. Inevitably, sharing content can get you more traffic on your website which is great for SEO! Create beautiful blog articles for plenty of opportunities to flourish on the web.

If you do not have a blog on your website, it is time to start! I recommend posting a new article once a week. Contact the professionals at Get Global Marketing in Bend, Oregon to get you started.

Facebook Marketing Whiteboard Videos

Facebook Business Pages

Facebook created business pages as a convenient method to personalizing our companies. You are now able to post, promote, and get reviews all under your business’ name. A vital tool on your page is the call-to-action button. Make sure that you have a call-to-action button activated on your page!


Watch our whiteboard video for a brief visualization on the importance of a call-to-action button. Enjoy!

Old School Marketing that Still Works

Old school marketing does not mean out-of-date marketing! Sometimes the best ways to get creative is to turn to the marketing schemes that have been done for 30 years.

As a business owner, I have pulled some of the oldest tricks from the book to build Get Global Marketing. The following are a few classic tricks that work for many types of businesses:

Car Signs

Car stickers are no longer just rectangular messages on the bumpers of our cars. I have seen signs covering the hood, windows, and sides of cars. On the road, the message is impossible to miss.

Now car signs are more commonly referred to as a “vehicle wrap”. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), a vehicle wrap is the most profitable form of advertising. The average vehicle wrap costs $3,000 and is kept for a lifespan of six years. The investment is broken down as follows:

  • $500 per year
  • $41.65 per month
  • $9.61 per week
  • $1.37 per day

With a vehicle wrap, you do not limit your audience to age, gender, backgrounds, or income. Your car can be seen driving around town by anyone at any time. In many states, your vehicle can also be used as a business expense. You could write-off gas and insurance since it was used for advertisement.


Jingles are one of the most memorable old-school advertisements. As long as there is television, internet, and radio, I don’t think jingles will ever die.

I bet each of us can think of a jingle on the top of our head. For me, I always fall back on Armour Hotdogs. I don’t remember the last time I bought an Armour Hotdog. Nevertheless, I can remember just about every word of the jingle.

A study in the 1991 “Advances in Consumer Research” notes music as increasing recall. Your catchy jingle can help consumers remember your product.

Jingles also provide something for consumers to repeat. Your jingle could be hummed down the street, used in movies, or social networks. The additional promotion is at no cost to the company. In some cases, you might actually get paid for the company to use your jingle.

Sign Spinning

In my town of Bend, Oregon, there is a sign spinner for Little Caesars pizza who is famous across town. She dances for hours in flashy outfits. I am sure the “Little Caesars Lady” has drawn indecisive customers into the restaurant for pizza and bread sticks.

The “Little Caesars Lady” does sign spinning right. She is enthusiastic, friendly, and holds her sign clearly. Her professionalism has earned her an article in The Source and Bend Bulletin.

Tips for Sign Spinning

  • Treat it as an art form
  • Target impulse buyers
  • Tailor your promotion to a specific market
  • Grab the attention of motorists on the highway
  • Don’t use over the top gymnastics

Sign spinning is most often used for restaurants. Nevertheless, I have seen sign spinners promoting sales for insurance agencies. I am not sure I would ever use a sign spinner for Get Global Marketing but hey, you never know!

Promotional Products

I rarely buy pens anymore. Most of my pens are promotional from gift bags, doctor’s offices, or the bank.

5 Benefits of Using Promotional Products

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Mass Outreach at Low Cost
  • Alternative Business Card
  • Tactile
  • Powerful Marketing Platform

Make sure to choose the promotional product that is right for your business. Don’t limit yourself to pens! If you are a car dealership, try keychains. A brewery could create coasters or stickers.

Participate in Live Events

Whether your business is five months old or five years old, word-of-mouth marketing can bring you the most customers. This can be especially important when you are starting your business. We want to work with businesses that we trust. One of the best ways to become the talk of the town is to participate in live events.

Types of Live Events to Build Connections

  • Community Fairs
  • Exhibitions
  • Business Chamber Events
  • Block Parties

Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMM) shows that 92% of consumers believe their family and friends before advertising. Depending on the type of live event that you attend, you can meet other business professionals and consumers that you need.

Lately, I have been attending the Bend Chamber Business events. There are a diverse range of business professionals in numerous levels of their careers. Some are starting a business or have been an executive for over thirty years. These live events have provided me with the opportunity to learn from successful business owners and meet newbies who need marketing.

Business cards

Business cards will never go out of date! According to BeLight Software, business cards date back to the 17th century. They were used to advertise a person’s trade and provide a map to their place of business. The purpose of modern business cards has changed little. The primary difference is that you rarely see maps on modern business cards. Now, we have Google Maps!

What to List on Your Business Card

  • Business name and your name
  • Contact information
  • Optional mission statement

Benefits of Business Cards

  • Portable advertising
  • Builds credibility
  • Highly convenient

PUMP UP Your Revenue with Online Advertisements

Online advertisements can be one of the best resources to PUMP UP your revenue. Nevertheless, many of us shy away from the investment.

Investments can be scary. After all, you just bought licenses, business cards, equipment, and could have employees on payroll. Another bill will send you to the poor house. As a business owner, I know how you feel.

When I was starting Get Global Marketing, I figured that advertisements would be my last resort.

I am an SEO company… I don’t need advertisement! I will just build some links.

Wrong! We all face fierce competition. Advertisements give us the opportunity to get ahead, especially when we are first starting.

There are a variety of social and web platforms that could be right to launch your advertising campaign. Choose the platform that is appropriate for your business type, size, purpose, and audience. The following three platforms are among the most popular if you are starting from scratch. First let me explain how advertisements work:

How Online Advertisements Work

  • Choose keywords that relate to your business
  • Choose the demographics of your customers
  • Create advertisement with beautiful graphic, call to action, and catchy tag line
  • Choose the budget. Your budget will change determining on the type of advertisement and platform. For example, Facebook will allow you to promote a post for one day at your chosen budget.
  • Track your results. Google Adwords can track your results on Google Analytics.
  • Change your advertisement depending on results.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords could be the most valuable platform to promoting your business. As of May 2016, Google processes over 40,000 searches every second which translate to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year. When Google was founded in 1998, the platform was serving 10,000 search queries per day. The amount of growth in approximately fifteen years is remarkable.

I recommend Google Adwords for any business who is promoting their website. While Google Adwords can be more expensive then social media advertising, you have the opportunity to reach thousands of potential customers. Google claims that Adwords can connect you with many benefits that will boost your revenue and create conversions:

How Google Adwords Can Help

  • Get Your Business Found
  • Connect with Customers Across the Web
  • Advertise Locally or Globally
  • Reach the Right People at the Right Time

Whether we are searching for celebrity gossip, political affairs, local businesses, or cheap plane tickets, most of us search on Google every day. At some point, a Google Ad is right for just about every business.

When to Consider Launching a Google Adwords Campaign

  • Launching a New Business
  • Trying to Increase Your Rankings on Search Engines
  • Releasing a New Product
  • Special Holiday Offer


Most of us have a Facebook account that we check every day. Our Facebook accounts link us to friends, family, and even local businesses. More than 900 million people have a Facebook account. That’s a lot!

The difference between social media advertisements and Google Adwords is how your ads are seen. Social media inserts your advertisements on user’s home feeds according to the specifics that you choose. Your potential customer does not have to search to discover your advertisements. Google Adwords shows your ad according to the user’s search and correlating demographics.

Setting up Facebook advertisements does not require lengthy training. You are able to promote individual posts or your page according to a daily budget. The budget will determine the amount of users that see your ad.

When to Apply a Facebook Advertisement

  • Promoting an Event or News
  • Promoting a Blog Article
  • Promoting a New Product
  • Local Outreach

The hospitality industry provides many opportunities for great Facebook advertisements. For example, let’s pretend you own a seafood restaurant. You have a six week lobster special that diners just can’t miss! The first step is to create your post, which could lead to your website.

What to Specify for Facebook Advertisement

  • Demographics
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Behavior
  • Connection


LinkedIn is not usually the first resource that we think of for social media marketing. Nevertheless, LinkedIn can be one of the best ways to connect with other business professionals.

When you are building a business, it’s important that you make the RIGHT connections. LinkedIn allows you to build a business page with your private profile. You can use your business page to hire, post articles, provide contact information, and build a lengthy description of your business.

When to Use a LinkedIn Advertisement

  • Attract New Followers to Your Company or Showcase Page
  • Reach the Right Audience with Comprehensive Targeting System
  • Get Your Message Across on Every Device
  • Precision B2B Targeting

I highly recommend LinkedIn if you are a new business owner. One of the best forms of marketing is word of mouth. LinkedIn advertisements can help introduce you with the important business leaders that could contribute to your professional success.

As a business owner, I have learned that the trick to marketing is bravery and patience! Be brave enough to step outside of the box. Be patient to let your efforts make a difference. Applying these principles to online advertising can be one of the best ways to PUMP UP your revenue overnight.

4 Methods to Boost Your Hotel’s Revenue

I have never spoken to a hotel owner without competition. Where there is one hotel, there are usually two! You might also face Airbnb and bed and breakfasts. Hotels have fierce competition!

The good news is that there are creative ways to make you stand out. As an online marketer, I know that people will visit more hotels that can save you money and you trust. If you can find a way to personalize how you reach customers than you can maintain clientele fast. I suggest that every hotel use a few of the follow ideas when developing your marketing campaign:

Hotel Marketing Campaign

Seasonal Promotions

If you work in hospitality then you will have slow seasons of business. Nevertheless, there is usually at least one traveler who decides to visit your rainy town in January. A seasonal promotion can help you get the stragglers who really should be in Hawaii.

To build the best seasonal promotions, review your booking rate over the past few years. If you are new to business then there are statistics online to help. Once you have an idea of your area’s busy season, adjust your rates, terms, and conditions for the high and low seasons.

You can also create promotions for the type of customers who visit you most. For example, military, family, airline staff, and businessmen.


One of the first things that we do when we visit a new town is research fun activities in the area. Your hotel can hold events that showcase your community

Your venue does not have to be large to hold a promotional event. You could hold yoga classes on the beach, cooking demonstrations, or small concerts. You could also hire an event coordinator to run tours. That way, people will not have to spend hours searching for a tour company online. They go straight to the front desk and can find the tour that is perfect for them.


Working in hospitality, our jobs are to make our guests lives as easy as possible. A package can be the best way to give people everything that they need at your hotel. Your package programs can be created for events, families, or romantic escapes.

Consider including a few of the following offers:

  • Shuttle Services
  • Free Dining
  • Spa Services
  • Banquet Meal
  • Wedding Venue
  • Excursions
  • Car Rentals

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are a great way to keep guests coming back. I travel out of the country at least once a year. Repeating the chain of hotel that I stay at can help save me money and provide me with more luxurious rooms.
My favorite programs work simply by collecting points. Once you get a certain amount of points then you get a free night stay or room upgrade. Hilton does a great point system. Hilton customers can earn points by staying at their hotels, dining in their restaurants, and making purchases with Hilton credit cards. The points that customers earn can then be put towards free rooms, car rentals, dining, excursions, and more.
These are only a few great ideas for your hotel’s marketing campaign. Don’t wait to get creative. If you are ready, then the following methods can promote your new hotel marketing campaign:

Methods to Promote Your New Campaign

  • Email Marketing Campaign
  • Press Release
  • Social Media
  • Blog Post
  • Event Page

As a marketer, I have seen some beautiful hotels lose revenue by not promoting their rooms and unique services efficiently. Before you miss out on thousands of new customers, speak with your marketing specialist about how your hotel’s campaign can be more creative.

Google Evens the Playing Field with the Elimination of Sidebar Ads

I am sure that you have heard it before – Big budgets can create big results!

That just doesn’t seem fair right?

Well, Google is evening out the competition by eliminating sidebar ads. For years, Google has provided us with pay-per-click (PPC) to increase our rankings with advertisements. The PPC listings have been labeled as “ads” on the right sidebar and above the organic listing. Now, there will only be the top four ads on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

How Does PPC Work?

You choose your keywords and demographics. Whenever your demographic searches for your paid keyword than your advertisement will be exposed on the paid ad sidebar or headline. PPC can be very valuable for increasing your rankings fast.

Many companies rely on PPC for online advertising. Some of those companies have crappy websites that lack valuable content. Nevertheless, those websites can be ranked highest on SERPs.

As a website developer and marketer, I value quality over quantity. A quality product will keep your business alive.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not against PPC! Ads are a great way of increasing your rankings quickly. In the end, you need a high quality website, SEO, and social media to maintain conversions.

Search Engine Man

Mr. Search Engine Man

What Does this Mean for Hospitality Companies?

If you own a hospitality business, than you probably have fierce competition. In typical tourism towns, there can be dozens of restaurants that want your exact clientele. You now have opportunity for more direct traffic and bookings through your website.

Benefits of Removing PPC Ads for Hospitality Companies
  • Bookings through website which eliminates a commission
  • Allows a better user experience with more relevant content
  • Increases the quality of websites
  • 4 ad spaces which is giving us the opportunity to rename search

As you can see in the following photo, there is no right sidebar anymore:

Desktop Search Engine Result Page

Desktop SERP

What Does this Mean for Organic Search?

Your SEO has become more important than ever! We predict that you will see more hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality companies investing in higher quality websites and content. I you haven’t invested in PPC then you could see your conversions increase as you now have a better opportunity to be noticed.

The removal of sidebar PPC ads is currently only relevant on desktops and tablets. Our mobile devices have limited space which allows ads strictly above the organic search results. To make up for removing the sidebar, Google is adding four ad spaces above organic search. Nevertheless, there are fewer paid ads which can improve the likelihood that your organic listing will be visible on search pages. In the end, quality rules quantity!

Tips to a Great Black Friday Marketing Campaign

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year! Millions of shoppers across America arrive before stores open to get the early bird deals.

According to new research by Consumer Electronics, 37% of Americans adults shop on Black Friday. That is 1 in 3 American adults. In 2011, over 11 trillion dollars was spent on Black Friday alone. The potential to make big money on Black Friday is very likely for retail companies.

E-commerce stores also have great sales opportunity on Black Friday. The trick is marketing yourself right. You can’t start your marketing on Friday either.
Want to make money on Black Friday? Take advantage of these Black Friday marketing tips;

Use Social Media to Promote and Inform

Social media provides you with the opportunity to share photos, news, and other helpful information that promotes your brand. You can also offer coupons or discounts that exclusive through your social media accounts.

For example, shoppers must enter coupon code fb123 for a 25% off discount. The coupon is only promoted through Facebook. Offering exclusive coupons through social media is also a great way to gain new followers.


Offer Exclusive Black Friday Discounts

Have you ever bought something just because it was on sale? If you have, you are not alone! Offer limited-time Black Friday coupons to evoke your customers “in demand” shopping response.

Since you compete with retailers on Black Friday, you might want to consider prolonging your Black Friday coupon. Some e-commerce stores choose to promote their coupon for a week.

For example, Bed, Bath, and Beyond held a seven day Black Friday Sale. The coupon entailed various amounts discounted with your order price.


Create a Landing Page for Black Friday

Show off your excitement for Black Friday with a catchy landing page! I recommend launching your landing page 3-7 days before Black Friday. This will not be too early that current shoppers are discouraged from buying your product at that time. It should be just early enough to build excitement for your upcoming sale.

Not sure what to include on your landing page? Try adding a countdown or sneak peak of a special deal. Make sure to include a visual.

Site Needs to Be Fully Functional

On Black Friday, you could receive hundreds, if not thousands, more customers than usual! Your website has to be prepared for the increase in traffic.

You need to make sure you don’t have any bugs in your cart system or 404 pages that might lead to your customer leaving your website. Make sure to test your coupons also!

I have heard of too many horror stories where businesses don’t test their coupon’s functionality on their website. If your coupon fails than you could be looking at a loss in all of your marketing efforts!

Optimize Your Website for Mobile

I have friends that don’t own computers. They pay bills, send emails, and use their social accounts, all on their phones! As a website developer and online marketer, I need a computer! Nevertheless, your e-commerce website needs to compensate the folks that use their phones for everything.

I recommend testing that your shopping cart is easy to use and your products can be seen clearly. Images will often be overlapped when they are not optimized for mobile. You might also want to complete a purchase on your phone to investigate issues.



If you have a strong marketing campaign, you gain hundreds of new customers on Black Friday! Speak with your website developer if you think your website could have issues. Get Global Marketing can help promote your marketing online or build you a website that makes shopping easy. Don’t forget to take advantage of this huge sales opportunity.