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website spam score

What Impacts Your Website’s Spam Score?

If you are trying to increase your website’s rankings, it is important to know about spam score. Your
seo for storage unit facilities

Why SEO is Crucial for Your Storage Unit Facility

In the bustling arena of local business, the digital stage has become just as important as the physical
seo for shopify

Great SEO Apps for Shopify Websites

Shopify is a wonderful platform for creating and managing an online store. However, having a great store isn’t
core web vitals for seo

Understanding Google’s Core Web Vitals

If you’re in the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you’ve probably heard about Google’s Core Web Vitals.
blogging for seo

How Often Should I Post for SEO?

As a business owner, you know the significance of a strong online presence to be successful in today’s
imagify plugin for seo

Improving Website Design with the Imagify Plugin

You already know how important it is to have good images on your website. But the images you
website design trends 2022

Website Design Trends for 2022

With the world of web design continuously changing, it’s hard to keep up with what works and what
best h1 and h2 tags for seo

Best H1 and H2 Tag Techniques for SEO

When writing content to utilize SEO, H1 and H2 headings are two of the most critical aspects of
divi builder

Benefits of Divi Builder for Website Design

One of the most common requests I receive for website design is a website that the client can

Tips to Increase Your Website’s Speed

As a website designer, you want your professional sites to run as fast as possible. When pages are
alt text for seo

Is Alt Text Important for SEO?

Increasing your rankings on search engines require a variety of technical strategies to ensure your site is indexed

Ways to Get Freelance Clients to Come to You

Life as a freelancer has its perks. You can work behind your computer on the beach of Hawaii
How-to Zoom-In on Divi Builder without a Plugin

How-to Zoom-In Images on Divi Builder Without a Plugin

Divi theme is easy to use but offers few customizations without purchasing additional plugins or coding. Image zoom-in

SEO Trends for 2021

2020 changed the way we do business. Employees are working remotely without plans of returning to the office.
divi menu

How-To Build a Custom Divi Menu

Divi is a user-friendly WordPress theme that can create multifaceted websites. However, the menu was a bit boring…
website design for boutique

Do I Need an Ecommerce Website for My Boutique?

For years, you have relied on your boutique’s brick-and-mortar storefront to sell your products. The boutique has all
SEO packages

Adjustment of SEO Packages

Every business evolves overtime. If you own a business, you probably experienced that year one of your start-up

How-To Post a Blog on Gutenberg

Confused on how to post a blog article? You are not alone! I am frequently asked by clients
marketing during covid-19

Marketing During COVID-19

COVID-19 has been life changing for everyone. Business owners have especially suffered from the shut-down. It is essential

How-To Use the SEO Yoast Plugin

 Customizing your meta titles, descriptions, sitemap, and indexing your website for search engines is essential for search

Beginner’s Guide to Monetizing Your Blog

Have you ever dreamed of working anywhere in the world on your own schedule? One week you’re at

Renovate Your Marketing Strategy

Unless you own Amazon, Netflix, or a grocery store, your business has probably been impacted by the coronavirus.

How to Network When You are Quarantined

The coronavirus pandemic has not only struck widespread fear about people’s health, but also the future of the
Get Global Marketing

Finding Your WHY in Business

Have you ever thought about what it might be like to own a small business? Maybe, you’ve got
business location

5 Tips to Optimizing Your SEO When Changing Business Locations

Whether you need a change of scenery or your industry is oversaturated, thousands of businesses face the struggle
New Business Website Design

New Business Website Design

I have a soft spot for new businesses. Whether you have been a business owner for twenty years,

Get Global Marketing. Get Page One.

Are you sick of being ghosted by people that click on your Google Ad and go somewhere else?
website designer

The Number One Question I am Asked for Website Design

During the onboarding process of a new website, every client has concerns. However, when we are discussing website
Website design Plugins

WP Staging is a Life Saver for Website Design!

If any of you are website designers, you have probably experienced the complexities of website migration. For the
DIY search engine optimization

4 Basics to DIY Search Engine Optimization

If you own a business you have a website- you have to in this day and age. Your

Guide to a Strong Guest Post Strategy

The most powerful sales technique is relationships. When you have a great relationship with a customer, they are

How-To Find a Qualified SEO Specialist

A strong online presence can be extremely beneficial for your business. As we transition into 2019, most business
wix versus wordpress

WordPress Versus Wix: Which Should I Use?

In every industry, there are different ways of completing a job. The same story is true for website
Online Marketing Tips

Online Marketing Tips (Infograph)

Get Global Marketing wants to help your business gain exposure online. To do so, we are providing online
adding value to business

How-To Add Value To Your Business

Adding value to your business is essential. I am sure that you have heard it before. When I
Reasons you are losing business

5 Reasons You Are Losing Customers

As an online marketer, I don’t just try to earn you  clients but long-term customers. Maintaining clients provide
LinkedIN marketing

Why LinkedIn Is Crucial to Obtain More Clients

As a small business owner, marketing is never-ending. I am always networking, optimizing my SEO, and posting on
SSL certificate

Why You Need SSL Security on Your Website

Websites are hacked every day. Most of us assume that won’t happen to us. Well guess what… the

Why You Must Add a Blog to Your Website

Marketing has many different avenues. There is social media marketing, SEO, print, radio, billboards – the list goes
DIY search engine optimization

How To Be Productive When Working Remotely

A remote position is a dream job among many of those who desire a flexible lifestyle. You can
business stagnation

5 Reasons for Stagnation in a Business

“Stagnation” is a scary word for most business owners. However, at some point almost every business hits a

How-To Outsmart Your Competitors with Content Marketing (Infograph)

I consistently tell my clients that they should include weekly blogs to their online marketing plans. Getting my

How-To Use LinkedIn as a Powerful Marketing Tool

Video Transcription As a social marketer, I often speak with people who do not understand the power of

How-To Create Great Social Media Content

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”610″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend the Swivel conference in Bend. One of the

Facebook Marketing Whiteboard Videos

Facebook Business Pages Facebook created business pages as a convenient method to personalizing our companies. You are now
client meeting

How-To Prepare for a Client Meeting

Client meetings can be nerve wracking for many of us. If you are new to your business, you

How-To Create a Homepage that Converts

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Often, your website will be your client’s

Top 6 Reasons to Maintain a Blog on Your Website

Many of my marketing clients doubt whether a blog is worth the time and money. After all, as

Easy Steps to Improve Your Time Management Skills

Over the past year, I have made a strong effort to work on my time management skills. The

Old School Marketing that Still Works

Old school marketing does not mean out-of-date marketing! Sometimes the best ways to get creative is to turn

PUMP UP Your Revenue with Online Advertisements

Online advertisements can be one of the best resources to PUMP UP your revenue. Nevertheless, many of us

How-To Earn Your First Few Clients

When I quit my office job to start Get Global Marketing, I thought it would be easy. After

4 Methods to Boost Your Hotel’s Revenue

I have never spoken to a hotel owner without competition. Where there is one hotel, there are usually

“Follow” Versus “No-Follow”: The Top Directories to List Your Site

Link building is seldomly our favorite SEO task. You could spend hours researching and emailing for just one

Google Evens the Playing Field with the Elimination of Sidebar Ads

I am sure that you have heard it before – Big budgets can create big results! That just

Tips to a Great Black Friday Marketing Campaign

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year! Millions of shoppers across America arrive

The Importance of Using Schema Markup on Your Website

Google is the neediest relationship that I have. First, Google appreciates keywords, but now he wants links, content,

10 Essential Business Apps for Traveling

Our mobile devices are making work and travel easier than ever. There are a variety of apps that

Why You Should Include Pricing On Your Website

Pricing is one of the most controversial things to put on your website. As a business owner, I

10 SEO Tools Worth Using

There are thousands of SEO tools available on the internet. We can drain our pocket books purchasing the

How-To Get More Followers On Instagram

Launched in 2010, Instagram has become a leading platform for photo sharing. Now Instagram has presented a profitable

8 Tips to Improve Your Food Photography

As a marketer, I am constantly reviewing photographs to sell various products. I see some people post photos

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