10 Essential Business Apps for Traveling

Our mobile devices are making work and travel easier than ever. There are a variety of apps that can keep us organized, communicate, and even manage our finances. The following business apps can help you stay on track with your business thousands of miles from home.

Google Apps

Google provides a collection of some of the most efficient business apps. I use Gmail, Docs, and Calendar on a daily basis. Each app is connected to my smartphone. Google’s slogan is the “freedom to work anywhere”. This is no understatement. I think Google Apps provides more professional features than any other app database. You have to create a free Gmail account to make the Google Apps work. Once you create that email, you will have access to a variety of cloud features that can safely store your information. I recommend using Google Apps for some of your most common business functions that you probably use every day.


If you are a traveler than you probably have loads of photographs. If you are a traveler and business professional, than you probably have loads of photographs AND important documents that you need.

Dropbox stores your most important files, documents, and photographs in a cloud system. You can then sync your Dropbox account to your mobile device. Dropbox removes the stress of carrying a heavy laptop everywhere you go.

I have found Dropbox to be very useful for my private and professional life. Once you create your Dropbox account, you can choose files to share. Your colleague, clients, or friend can make edits to the file or download it for their own personal use.

Dropbox Benefits

  • File and Folder Sharing
  • Unlimited Storage Plan (perfect for businesses)
  • Password and Verification Security
  • Photos and Videos



Have you ever come up with a great idea only to forget the idea a few hours later? I have!

Evernote prevents you from forgetting your next BIG breakthrough. The app allows you to record lists, research, create agendas, and more. You are able to turn your collection of ideas into action. You can then share your ideas into a beautiful screen friendly layout.

I use Evernote most to jot down notes and lists. Since Evernote works on a cloud system, you can also share your work with anyone in the world with internet access. This makes it very handy to share presentations.

Evernote provides an advanced “Business” package if you are working within a multi-staffed company that shares information. The “Business” package allows you to create a workspace where you can collaborate your information and provide feedback.

If you don’t need a multi-user “Business” package than Evernote provides 3 others for the amount of information shared. Evernote works on desktops and mobile devices.

Benefits of Evernote

  • Record Notes On-The-Go
  • Create and Share Presentations
  • Create Categories for Important Information
  • Record Photos, Text, and Documents
  • Share Your Notes through a Cloud Database



I am very bad with names. I can’t remember people’s names even right after they introduced themselves.

Humin has been a lifesaver to put a face to a name. As a business professional, you need to remember names. Remembering someone’s name makes them feel important.

Humin compiles all of your phone contacts and allows you to enter categories, tags, notes, and photograph. The most important feature for me is where we met. Traveling can double the amount of people that you would normally meet. A geotag can connect them with the town, restaurant, or convention center that you met.

Benefits of Humin

  • Add Photo of Contact to Remember their Face
  • Keep personalized note, tag, or category
  • Remembers Contacts the Way You Naturally Think
  • Can Geotag Where You Added the Contact into Your Phone


Mint Money Manager

In my early 20’s, my best way of managing my finances was to avoid looking at my bank account. That way, I was never overspending! Unfortunately, you can’t do that for long before going into debt.

As a business owner, I have to pay careful attention to every penny that I spend. Mint Money Manager is one of the best ways to budget, and track your credit cards and bills. You will receive weekly emails with bills that are due and alerts if you are overspending. Mint can help create your budget for you. Enter your income, loans, mortgage, and priorities into your database. From there, Mint will tell you how much you have to spend.

A money manager can be especially important when translating currencies. Euros, pounds, and dollars are not equal. We can easily overspend when we consider each currency the same worth. Your separate business account can keep you on track with any employee spending that might occur while you are out of town.

How Mint Can Help

  • Easy Budgeting
  • Free Credit Score
  • Alerts and Advice
  • Simple Categorization
  • Investment Tracking
  • Safe and Secure

Mint App

A Few Other Helpful Business Apps

  • Skype: Leading communication app that allows group calls, messages, and chats.
  • Buffer: Schedule social media posts and updates for later.
  • Flipboard: Turn your favorite online journals and social channels into a customized newspaper.
  • FlightTrack: Handy flight tracking tool.
  • Dark Sky: Innovative weather app that can give you up to the minute weather updates.