Why You Should Include Pricing On Your Website

Pricing is one of the most controversial things to put on your website. As a business owner, I took three months from my website launch before I would put pricing online. The wait wasn’t because I didn’t have time. I was full of excuses.

These are some of the most common excuses why business owners avoid putting prices online. Excuse #3 was what I used.

  1. “What happens if my competitor sees it?”
  2. “It’s not done in my industry.”
  3. “My pricing is custom.”

If you think listing prices on your website will prevent potential customers from calling, think again! Most buyer’s primary concerns are cost and quality. Not listing your prices could leave your potential customer intimidated.

Many business owners have reasons why they prefer to not include pricing. Here are a few of the benefits of why you should include price on your website:

Top 5 Benefits of Putting Prices on Your Website

Saves Time

Time is money – No matter your business. When you put your prices online, you can prevent phone calls and in-person meetings with customers that can’t afford your services. I can’t tell you how many hours I have spent on proposals. This could have been avoided if potential customers knew of my prices initially. You might receive fewer phone calls but the leads are higher quality.

Builds Trust

Have you ever been hit with a hidden fee for a “free service”? I have! We want to work with companies that are upfront about their costs.


Occasionally, I buy products just because they are on sale! Who doesn’t? Listing your prices offers you the opportunity to promote coupons and discounts. The extra incentive can be extremely rewarding for your sales. You will then be able to offer holiday or seasonal sales, group pricing, limited-time discounts, and special offers.

Breaks Myths

As the owner of a marketing company, I have found that many customers assume they can’t afford my services before I tell them my rate. Listing my prices online can prevent the assumption. I offer 3 customizable SEO packages to fit a small business’ budget.

This is a very valuable benefit if your business performs an elite service.

Brands Your Company

You are always branding your company. The way you dress for a business meeting is branding your company. Price is another strategic marketing decision to set you apart from competition. Listing your prices allows you to become the lowest cost leader or industry expert with the high price tag.

Putting your prices online is a personal business decision. Make sure that your decision to include pricing is to the benefit of you and your customer.

So far, my choice to add pricing has been very beneficial. The pricing pages have saved me time and increased my stature as an industry professional. If you decide to add pricing then there are methods to optimizing your pricing page:

What to Include in an Optimized Pricing Page

  • Add Testimonials
  • Add Proof of Results
  • Add Links to Social Media Sites

After you have launched your optimized pricing page, test it! Rate your conversions for 2-4 months versus the previous 2-4 months. Please keep slow seasons in mind. You won’t be able to tell if it works if you don’t test it!

View my website and marketing package pages to view what I have done to increase valuable leads.

Do you have pricing pages on your site? I would love to hear how pricing pages have worked for you.

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