Tips to a Great Black Friday Marketing Campaign

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year! Millions of shoppers across America arrive before stores open to get the early bird deals.

According to new research by Consumer Electronics, 37% of Americans adults shop on Black Friday. That is 1 in 3 American adults. In 2011, over 11 trillion dollars was spent on Black Friday alone. The potential to make big money on Black Friday is very likely for retail companies.

E-commerce stores also have great sales opportunity on Black Friday. The trick is marketing yourself right. You can’t start your marketing on Friday either.
Want to make money on Black Friday? Take advantage of these Black Friday marketing tips;

Use Social Media to Promote and Inform

Social media provides you with the opportunity to share photos, news, and other helpful information that promotes your brand. You can also offer coupons or discounts that exclusive through your social media accounts.

For example, shoppers must enter coupon code fb123 for a 25% off discount. The coupon is only promoted through Facebook. Offering exclusive coupons through social media is also a great way to gain new followers.


Offer Exclusive Black Friday Discounts

Have you ever bought something just because it was on sale? If you have, you are not alone! Offer limited-time Black Friday coupons to evoke your customers “in demand” shopping response.

Since you compete with retailers on Black Friday, you might want to consider prolonging your Black Friday coupon. Some e-commerce stores choose to promote their coupon for a week.

For example, Bed, Bath, and Beyond held a seven day Black Friday Sale. The coupon entailed various amounts discounted with your order price.


Create a Landing Page for Black Friday

Show off your excitement for Black Friday with a catchy landing page! I recommend launching your landing page 3-7 days before Black Friday. This will not be too early that current shoppers are discouraged from buying your product at that time. It should be just early enough to build excitement for your upcoming sale.

Not sure what to include on your landing page? Try adding a countdown or sneak peak of a special deal. Make sure to include a visual.

Site Needs to Be Fully Functional

On Black Friday, you could receive hundreds, if not thousands, more customers than usual! Your website has to be prepared for the increase in traffic.

You need to make sure you don’t have any bugs in your cart system or 404 pages that might lead to your customer leaving your website. Make sure to test your coupons also!

I have heard of too many horror stories where businesses don’t test their coupon’s functionality on their website. If your coupon fails than you could be looking at a loss in all of your marketing efforts!

Optimize Your Website for Mobile

I have friends that don’t own computers. They pay bills, send emails, and use their social accounts, all on their phones! As a website developer and online marketer, I need a computer! Nevertheless, your e-commerce website needs to compensate the folks that use their phones for everything.

I recommend testing that your shopping cart is easy to use and your products can be seen clearly. Images will often be overlapped when they are not optimized for mobile. You might also want to complete a purchase on your phone to investigate issues.



If you have a strong marketing campaign, you gain hundreds of new customers on Black Friday! Speak with your website developer if you think your website could have issues. Get Global Marketing can help promote your marketing online or build you a website that makes shopping easy. Don’t forget to take advantage of this huge sales opportunity.

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