Benefits of Divi Builder for Website Design

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One of the most common requests I receive for website design is a website that the client can edit themselves. Clients have even asked me to re-build their entire website from a previous company using page builder software just so they could have a site where they can edit. In the long-run, the ability to edit content yourself can save hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars.

In recent years, a plethora of tools have come around that help immensely to build a WordPress website. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) where you can host your website. Divi Builder is a theme builder meant to be used with WordPress. Using Divi Builder, I have been able to fulfill the needs of my clients who want to edit their websites themselves.

What is Divi Builder?

Divi Builder is a tool built and distributed by Elegant Themes. It is more specifically a plugin that works with any WordPress theme. It’s based on the Divi theme, also released by Elegant Themes. Its primary use is for modifying your WordPress website’s theme and design without having to change the theme itself. It’s incredibly useful, and allows for a lot of customization.

The Major Benefits of Divi Builder

Divi Builder is a popular tool for good reason. There are a number of benefits to using the plugin, and many of them are reason enough to download the plugin on their own. Thankfully, Divi Builder comes with all of them.

A Drag and Drop Page Builder

If you’re using WordPress, chances are you found a theme that you’re happy with. However, not all features of the theme’s design will always suit your needs. That’s just the nature of building websites. Thankfully, Divi Builder is around to help you change the designs without the need to code.

Install Divi Builder and get to work! It allows you to change your theme’s design without sacrificing any of its functionality. If something is coded into your existing theme files, you can change the design surrounding it with Divi Builder without the fear of losing all of the hard work you already put in.

Divi Builder lets you insert, remove, and edit content blocks on your website using a drag and drop approach. The possibilities are limitless, and allow for fluid changes on the go. The Divi Builder plugin uses Divi Builder Modules, which are content blocks.

No Coding Required

A large hurdle in building websites for new designers or hobbyists is the need to understand coding. Divi Builder helps to eliminate that. In addition to having content blocks ready to go, the coding behind altering them is built in as setting. If Divi Builder is missing an element that your website absolutely has to have, then you can add it on your own.

Divi Builder comes with a Code Module. This module allows you to add third party plugins and custom content for anything that isn’t covered by Divi Builder itself. It even allows users to add in custom CSS if they’d like.

Access to the Divi Library

If you’re building several websites at any given time, chances are something that works for one will work for another. Divi Builder has this in mind, and makes transferring design elements from one website to another with the Divi Library. Elements can be saved to the library and then duplicated across a website with a single button. It also lets you create global items. When a global item is changed in one place on your website, the changes for it take place site wide! This makes managing your time easy.

Undo or Redo at Will

Making changes to a website can be a timely endeavor. You have to make the changes, update the site, and hope that they reflect that you’re looking for. With Divi Builder, making changes has been made easier. When you make a change using Divi Builder it can simply be undone with a single button. Then, if you need to, you can redo the change as well! There’s a history function in Divi Builder not found elsewhere, which makes editing a website feel like editing a document.

Updates and Communication

Elegant Themes does an excellent job at updating and communicating with their community of users. They proactively release updates when changes are needed, and if the change is big you can be sure that you’ll hear from them. When it comes to staying ahead of the game online, that can make a big difference.

In addition to having excellent communication skills as a company, Elegant Themes also does an excellent job fostering a supportive community for Divi Builder. Any help needed with Divi Builder is available 24/7 through forums and chat. Additionally, there are many community members who build plugins for the program that take the product to the next level.

Divi Builder is Affordable

Divi Builder is very affordable, as it’s free for any Elegant Themes Developer subscribers! For no cost you receive one of the most powerful WordPress design tools available. It’s always being updated to make your life easier. It really doesn’t get much better than that.
Are There Any Disadvantages?

Just like any other program, Divi Builder does have some disadvantages to it.

  • Options Overload: Divi Builder may have too many options. While that might not seem like such a bad thing, it can become overwhelming. Much like doom scrolling on Netflix, you may find yourself endlessly looking at the options rather than choosing one.
  • Shortcodes: Divi relies heavily on Shortcodes, which some see as a major disadvantage for Divi Builder. If you ever stop using it, it tends to make transferring any content difficult. When you choose Divi, you should be prepared to use it for quite some time.
  • Slow: Divi Builder can be slow. I always make sure that the client has a good host if I am using Divi Builder. I offer my own VPS hosting through InMotion Hosting to provide fast and reliable hosting if the client does not have hosting already.

Breaking it Down

Overall, Divi Builder is likely the best option for anyone building websites using WordPress who wants to edit the site themselves. Ask your website designer about Divi Builder when you are moving forward with development. We are website designers in Bend, Portland, and Redmond, Oregon. Contact Get Global Marketing today.

How-to Zoom-In Images on Divi Builder Without a Plugin

How-to Zoom-In on Divi Builder without a Plugin

Divi theme is easy to use but offers few customizations without purchasing additional plugins or coding. Image zoom-in is not available with the basic Divi builder. You can find the code for zoom-in and instructions on customization in this video.

Code from the video:


.et-zoom-in.et_pb_image:hover img,
.et-zoom-in .et_pb_image_wrap:hover img,
.et-zoom-in a:hover img {
transform: scale(1.1);
transition: all 1.5s 0s ease;
cursor: pointer;

.et-zoom-in a {
overflow: hidden;

.et-zoom-in.et_pb_image img,
.et-zoom-in .et_pb_image_wrap img,
.et-zoom-in a img {
transition: all 1s 0s ease;

CSS Class: