How-to Zoom-In Images on Divi Builder Without a Plugin

How-to Zoom-In on Divi Builder without a Plugin

Divi theme is easy to use but offers few customizations without purchasing additional plugins or coding. Image zoom-in is not available with the basic Divi builder. You can find the code for zoom-in and instructions on customization in this video.

Code from the video:


.et-zoom-in.et_pb_image:hover img,
.et-zoom-in .et_pb_image_wrap:hover img,
.et-zoom-in a:hover img {
transform: scale(1.1);
transition: all 1.5s 0s ease;
cursor: pointer;

.et-zoom-in a {
overflow: hidden;

.et-zoom-in.et_pb_image img,
.et-zoom-in .et_pb_image_wrap img,
.et-zoom-in a img {
transition: all 1s 0s ease;

CSS Class:


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