How-To Prepare for a Client Meeting

client meeting

Client meetings can be nerve wracking for many of us. If you are new to your business, you could be insecure in your services.

What do I say? Will they think I am weird? Am I too expensive?

If you have doubts, fears, or concerns when you step into a client meeting than you are not alone. The best way to get over your fears is to prepare yourself well for presenting your products and services to your client. Don’t let your phobias kill your chance of making sales! Below are some of the best preparation techniques for a killer client meeting.

Confirm the Details

Being late to a meeting is one of the best ways to lose your potential client. If you are late then you convey that your client is not a priority.

Before I attend a meeting, I usually have reviewed the meeting time and location 10 times. I might be obsessing but the time that I don’t check is the time that I will be late or miss the meeting altogether. Avoid missing a meeting by setting an alarm on your phone. Also, call and confirm the appointment the day before.

Dress for Success

When you walk in the door, you want to make a great first impression. The way you dress can influence the way your client perceives you.

I always compare my attire to how I would dress for a job interview. Your potential client is putting their faith in you to provide an outstanding product and could be paying a hefty amount of cash. Dress in a professional way that earns respect.

Professional Attire

  • Button-up and tie
  • Jewelry that complements your look
  • Slacks or knee length skirt for ladies
  • Professional briefcase

Prepare Your Sales Materials

Meetings usually never go exactly by planned. Seasoned professionals know that you need to prepare your materials so you can keep the meeting on track in any situation.

Materials to Prepare for Meetings

  • Create primary questions that you will need answered to complete their project
  • Preload website or digital portfolio on your website or tablet
  • Make sure you have paper and writing utensils to take notes
  • Be aware of your potential client’s business and competitors

Practice Your Pitch

In the grande situation that your potential client is interested in learning more, you will need to have a well-practiced pitch. If you are aware of your client’s business then you can tailor your pitch more for what your client needs. You can also suggest alternative services. With Get Global Marketing, I often suggest alternative SEO or social media marketing services to clients that want to improve their presence online.

What to Include in Your Pitch

  • Prepare pricing sheets
  • Suggest additional products
  • Prepare your portfolio
  • Leave a business card

Act Like Every Meeting Is the Only One You Will Ever Get

Treat your client meetings like gold. Every client meeting can impact your sales and professional reputation. Your team should prepare thoroughly for every client meeting. Get to understand your potential client’s industry, competitors, and prepare a strong pitch. You can’t expect every client meeting to be perfect but preparing yourself can turn your client meetings into investments!

I remember my first client meeting. It was with an innovative solar panel online directory. I rode my bike to the client meeting – first mistake.

The bike ride was supposed to be a fast ten minutes. Thankfully, I left a half hour early because the road I was planning to take was closed. The detour that the construction workers told me would be quickest was through a graveyard. Unfortunately, I got lost in the graveyard!

On top of getting lost, it started to rain! I showed up wet, late, and confused. For some reason, the business owner liked me. I think it was because he owned a green company and I rode a bike.
I am not saying that you should not ride a bike to a business meeting. You might want to consider an automobile if it’s raining though.

No matter how insecure that you feel, act like you have done this 1,000 times. Confidence can close a sale. Not every client meeting will go perfectly but if you prepare, you can improve more every time!

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