Improving Website Design with the Imagify Plugin

imagify plugin for seo

You already know how important it is to have good images on your website. But the images you use must pass several optimization requirements and not just be pretty. Imagify exists to help you do just that.

Imagify is one of the popular website design trends in 2022. Imagify can make your images more responsive for faster loading time, boost them for better rankings, and give them a touch of quality with its various tools.

What Is Imagify for Website Design and SEO?

Imagify is a WordPress plugin that helps you to speed up your website by optimizing images. It uses modern hardware and software to provide fast image processing, and it can also compress your images on the fly and reduce their file size. Now I’ll show you how Imagify can benefit your website design.

How Imagify Benefits Your Website Design

If you’re doubtful of Imagify’s capabilities, then here are some ways in which Imagify can help improve your website design that will change your mind.

Optimize Images To Improve Site Speed and Web Vitals

The Imagify plugin allows you to optimize your images so that they load faster and have less impact on the core web vitals of your site.

How does it do this? By eliminating unnecessary data from the file (such as comments or metadata), optimizing file size through a lossless compression algorithm, and converting them to a smaller file format (such as JPG or PNG).

Imagify gives you complete control over how each image is optimized so that you only change what you need to change without affecting anything else on the page.

It can be beneficial if you want to convert all of your images but still want some of them to be in their original format (maybe because they’re larger than their smaller counterparts).

The plugin also supports batch optimization, so optimizing multiple images isn’t a hassle.

Compress & Resize Image While Retaining Its Quality

Resizing an image is crucial for website speed optimization as it helps reduce page load time. The Imagify plugin automatically resizes an image to the specified dimensions without losing quality.

The Imagify plugin compresses your images without losing any quality or detail. That way, visitors will not notice the difference between compressed and uncompressed images when they visit your website.

However, if you want to adjust the file size or dimensions, you can manually enter them in the settings panel.

WebP Images


Imagify lets you convert images on your website into WebP format. You may have wondered: “Why would I need to convert my images into a new format?” Well, the answer is simple. Google has stated that it will begin penalizing websites that aren’t optimized for mobile devices.

WebP is an image format that allows faster loading times and smaller file sizes than other formats like PNG and JPEG. By using WebP instead of PNG or JPEG when possible, you can improve your site’s loading speed and layout and make it more mobile-friendly.

Use Imagify For Free

You can use the Imagify plugin for free and get access to its significant features. For example, with free Imagify, you can optimize up to 20Mb(i.e., 200 images) of images per month for free. And with their WebP conversion tool, you can convert even more images for free.

If you want access to all of Imagify’s features and to optimize an unlimited number of images, you can check out Imagify’s pricing options and select a plan that best suits your needs.

Final Notes

Whether you are a web designer who wants to create a website for yourself or an entrepreneur looking for a landing page that will attract customers, the Imagify widget can be your best friend. Contact Get Global Marketing in Bend, Oregon for more information on website design and SEO.

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