How-To Create a Homepage that Converts

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Often, your website will be your client’s first impression of your business. If this is the case, you need to depict the crucial information that turns visitors into leads.

A great homepage can be the most valuable page on your website. It is often the first page that people see. If you are building your website, then you should make sure that your website has a great homepage that creates conversions.

Include the following tools in your homepage to build a beautiful website that visitors will LOVE to use:


Your website should indicate its purpose within the first three seconds. An effective headline can tell your visitors what you can do for them. Often, the headline will be put on your website’s banner.

Creating a headline can be one of my least favorite things about creating a website. How do I summarize a business in only a few words? If you are brainstorming headlines, keep in mind a few key points that can create a great headline.

Characteristics of a Great Headline

  • Clear
  • Simple
  • 10 words or less

The best headlines are short and simple. For example, Dropbox uses the headline “Securely share, sync, and collaborate.” Dropbox’s precise headline refers to exactly what their product accomplishes for customers.


Your headline should be followed by a descriptive subheadline. Your subheadline should be a brief description of what you offer.

A great example of a headline is with Evernote. The cloud based software allows you to record important ideas and information from anywhere that you have your digital device.

Evernote’s subheadline is as follows:
“Inspiration strikes anywhere. Evernote lets you capture, nurture, and share your ideas across any device.”

Notice that Evernote uses three action words: capture, nurture, and share. The engaging three step process creates a visualization for readers. Evernote followed their subheadline with a sign-up form.

Primary Calls-to-Action

The whole point of your website is to create conversions. For some of you, that could be a download, sign-up, or order form. An accessible call-to-action can determine whether or not your visitors convert.

Your homepage should have 2-3 call-to-actions. I suggest that the first be under your subheadline. Evernote adds a signup form with “sign up for free” as the call-to-action.

Feeling stumped on your call-to-action? Try one of these popular quotes:

  • Learn More
  • Contact Us
  • Get Started Today

Supporting Image

Words keep us engaged. Visuals capture us initially. You need emotion provoking images to keep people engaged with your website.

The most important image on your homepage is the banner. It’s usually the first image we see. Great banners can increase the likelihood that your visitor will scroll down on your website.

As a website designer, I know that most of my clients do not come to me with images. In these instances, I use stock photos. There are many websites to find tasteful stock photos.


There is very little point to a website if you do not depict your business’ services. I always summarize my client’s services with bullet points and a corresponding image. Sometimes, the image is as simple as an icon.

Listing your services provides a great opportunity for a call-to-action, such as “learn more”.

Social Proof

Social proof is a powerful indicator of trust. Add your social media buttons to your websites to promote your brand. The powerful trust seal will show how your audience reacts to your business every day.

Popular Social Media Marketing Platforms


There are many types of website conversions. As an online marketer, I always keep the goal of a bounce rate below 30%. Easy navigation helps me keep the bounce rate low.

If you don’t know what a bounce rate is then let me clarify. The bounce rate is the number of people that leave your website after only visiting one page. My goal is for each user to visit at least three pages.

I create convenient navigation through top menus, sidebars, and footers. The diversity provides many facets for users to access other pages. All of my websites are designed with a primary top menu and footer.


As a child, did you ever fight over who was going first?

It’s the same with a new business. When we are spending large amounts of money, we want to make sure that others have been happy with the company’s product.

Testimonials on your homepage can assure potential customers that your product is high quality.

Link to Blog

To generate even more leads, offer content that can help their business. I do this by keeping a blog. My blog offers tips on the leading trends, business productivity, and news on Get Global Marketing. Each article is written for my targeted audience.

The websites that I design have the blogs linked to the homepage. Some of my clients choose to include videos, infographics, or articles. Visitors can access your blog posts from your website’s homepage.

When I visit a website, I usually notice the homepage first. If you are building a new website or revamping your old, make sure that your website developer includes the essential tools that can earn you conversions.

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