5 Reasons You Are Losing Customers

Reasons you are losing business

As an online marketer, I don’t just try to earn you  clients but long-term customers. Maintaining clients provide consistent income and valuable referrals that can relieve stress from searching for new clients.

However, after I help you increase your visibility, it is up to you to provide high-quality business procedures that keep your customers. Many companies fail in this arena. Learn why this might be happening to you. It could be a simple fix!

Poor Customer Service

We have all experienced bad customer service. Depending on the severity, many of us chose not to work with the company again.

A survey by ClickFox shows that 32 percent of people will stop doing business with the company that provided a lousy customer experience.

Examples of Poor Customer Service

  • Have to speak with multiple agents
  • Put on hold for long period of time or not receive what they wanted the first time
  • Rude or inexperienced representatives
  • Frequent service interruptions
  • Long window to wait for a service technician, fee/price increase

Are you aware of your quality of customer service? Provide a survey at the end of a call or live chat with your representatives.

Product or Services Doesn’t Meet Expectations

There are multiple options for almost every product or service. To exceed competition, you have to not just meet but exceed customer expectations. If you don’t, your customers will probably turn to the “other guy”.

One of the primary reasons that businesses fail to meet expectations is that they are unaware of their customer’s needs. Provide a survey to anyone that buys your product. You can also use social media channels to ask questions. Make sure you are paying attention and replying to reviews.

Focus on Price Instead of Value

Sure, a cheaper price provides a competitive edge. However, any business can work for a low price. At some point, your price might be outbid.

Focus on value instead of price. This will make your service irreplaceable. Your customers will not use another business if they cannot receive your service anywhere else.

Don’t Provide Employee Training

Always, always, always make sure your employees receive up-to-date training!

Employee training is an investment. It costs money, time, and materials. However, your clients want to work with efficient businesses that can provide top product. A failing business is an outdated business.

Accept High Employee Turnover

If you have a high employee turnover rate, you are more likely to have a high client turnover. Determine why you have a high employee turnover rate and find a way to fix your problem.

Many companies experience turnover due to poor management. If this is your problem, then your clients could also experience lack of communication and missed deadlines.

Get Global Marketing wants local Bend, Oregon businesses to success! We can improve your SEO and build you a beautiful website but it is up to you to maintain your customers. Contact Get Global Marketing to help get you started.

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