10 SEO Tools Worth Using

There are thousands of SEO tools available on the internet. We can drain our pocket books purchasing the best tool to measure our website performance. Before you spend $50, $100, or even $300 in SEO tools that you don’t need, I want to give you an overview of some of the tools that have been the most valuable for me.

Guest Post Tracker

If you are familiar with SEO than you probably know that building links can be one the best things that you do to increase your rankings. The hard part is finding blogs that accept guest posts.

As I was building a link list for a fitness company, I stumbled upon Guest Post Tracker. The link building tool maintains an updated list of websites that accept guest posts. The websites are divided into categories. For example, “Business”, “Fitness”, “Food”, “Education” and “Insurance”. You can find exactly the type of website that you need to link your article.

Guest Post Tracker also provides the domain authority, price, and tracks your submission. I have saved hours using Guest Post Tracker. There is no more need to build incomplete link lists.

You can use Guest Post Tracker for a very reasonable cost. The software is $47 with no reoccurring monthly fees. As a business owner, I watch every penny that goes in and out of my business bank account. From my experience, Guest Post Tracker is worth the investment.


Every SEO analyst needs a tool to track their website’s progress. SEM Rush provides you with custom reports to your website’s data.

The software creators advertise the following 7 SEMRush capabilities;

  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Semantic Core Collection
  • Position Tracking
  • Ideas for Gaining More Organic Traffic
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • “Not Provided” Problem Solution
  • Backlinks Audit and Analytics

I use SEMRush specifically for the detailed site audit. You can get much of that information from third party website but it can take you hours to gather. SEMRush creates your accurate website audit within minutes. It is vital to have a thorough audit before starting any SEO campaign.

SEMRush’s essential tracking software isn’t available without a hefty price tag. The most basic package is $99 per month. At this price, you can track 500 keywords, 50 social media profiles, with 5 active projects. So far, the basic package has done everything that I need.


SEOMoz is SEMRush’s direct competitor! Both provide superior tracking capabilities. I like how SEMRush provides the website audit. On the other hand, SEOMoz has a variety of tools that can help you streamline your workflow.

The SEOMoz lists the following features to improve your rankings;

  • Local Ranking
  • Search Visibility Score
  • Mobile Ranking
  • Spam Analysis
  • Fresh Links
  • Intuitive Suggestions
  • SERP Analysis
  • On-Demand Site Audits
  • Crawl Reports

These are just a few of the features mentioned. From my experience using SEOMoz, you can get complex information on your website’s ranking, along with helpful competitor research.

The cost between SEOMoz and SEMRush is parallel. The basic SEO package starts at $99 monthly. Both SEOMoz and SEMRush offer trial periods. I suggest experimenting with the trial periods before choosing which is right for you.

Even if you don’t use subscribe to SEOMoz, I recommend watching the mozinars. The information is shared by industry leaders and can help you improve your SEO skills.

There are also many free SEO tools available. The following are my top choices:

Free SEO Tools

1. Google Page Speed Insights
Enter a URL and this tool will calculate your website’s loading time.

2. Mozbar
This chrome extension will tell you the domain and page authority, H1 tags, meta titles, and links on any website that you view.

3. Keywordtool.io
Enter a keyword and the Keyword Tool provides a list of long tail keywords opportunities.

4. Google Analytics
Google Analytics is your complete source of website stats and search insights.

5. Google Webmaster Tools
Google Webmaster Tools provides constant website analysis, alerts, and error reports.

6. SERPs Rank Checker
Find out where your website ranks among competition.

7. Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool
Crawl each URL for critical data that could be decreasing your website’s rankings.

As an SEO specialist, I know that the right SEO tools can improve your online marketing campaign. Give the SEOMoz and SEMRush a test drive! They both provide tracking information that you can count on.

For me, Guest Post Tracker has been a lifesaver! The tracker software can save you hundreds of valuable hours to link to industry leading websites.

Time is money! Choose the software that saves you time in getting exactly what your company needs to succeed.

Do you have any favorite SEO software? I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

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