The Number One Question I am Asked for Website Design

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During the onboarding process of a new website, every client has concerns. However, when we are discussing website design options, I almost always receive the same question:

Will I be able to make edits to the website?

The answer is yes!

In 2016, Ben Pines created a WordPress plugin called Elementor. This design program has put a new competitive edge with Wix and Squarespace. The reason that more people are attracted to Wix and Squarespace is the page builder features. Elementor provides similar functionalities with the SEO benefits of a WordPress platform and advanced customization that other platforms do not provide.

I am using Elementor to build business websites for customers who want to adjust text or photos after the website is launched. However, you should always use a designer for new pages and reformatting.

Please email me with other questions!