Is Alt Text Important for SEO?

alt text for seo

Increasing your rankings on search engines require a variety of technical strategies to ensure your site is indexed correctly. One of these key search engine optimization (SEO) strategies is adding alt text to every image. As an SEO expert, I make sure alt text is on every image of websites that I optimize. If you are attempting your own SEO, it is essential to understand alt text for best practices.


What is Alt Text?

Alt text, also known as “alt attributes” or “alt descriptions” are used within an HTML code to verify the appearance and function of an image.


Why Does Alt Text Help My SEO?

Search engines cannot interpret images. However, images are essential to user experience and conversion rate. So how does Google know which images are most beneficial for users? Alt text solves this problem by applying keyword tags. Search bots can then crawl for the image’s function and appearance. Properly adding alt text tells Google that an image is on the webpage that can improve use experience. Doing so can increase your rankings for the given keyword.


How Do I Apply Alt Text?

Alt text application depends on your content management system (CMS). Alt text can be applied in WordPress through the media file. Choose an image. Add alt text to “alternative text” section in the media file. This alt text will be added anywhere you insert the image. You can add alt text on Shopify with the Smart SEO plugin. The plugin has a free version to add alt text and meta data.


What Does Good Alt Text for SEO Look Like?


breakfast sandwich with lemon, eggs and avocado


Okay alt text: <img src=”sandwich.jpg” alt=”sandwich”>
Better alt text: <img src=”sandwich.jpg” alt=”breakfast sandwich”>
Best alt text: <img src=”sandwich.jpg” alt=”breakfast sandwich with lemon, eggs and avocado”>


blue and orange bird on wooden stand


Okay alt text: <img src=”bird.jpg” alt=”bird”>
Better alt text: <img src=”bird.jpg” alt=”colorful bird”>
Best alt text: <img src=”bird.jpg” alt=”blue and orange bird on wooden stand”>


Adding alt text is a best practice for increasing search rankings. Get Global Marketing is an experienced website design and SEO agency in Bend and Portland, Oregon. We use front-end design practices to market your website more effectively.  Contact Get Global Marketing today!

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